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Members are requested to abide by the Club’s dress code. Rules apply to all Members, their families and their guests. At the request of the Board of Directors, the Managers, Professionals and staff enforce the dress code in all areas of the clubhouse, the golf course, tennis, platform tennis, swimming pool and other areas of the Club’s property. Good judgment is always in order so that the Club can be a gracious extension of our homes at all times.

Your cooperation is both expected and appreciated.


Denim clothing, brief shorts, brief or mini-skirts, cargo pants or similar attire are not permitted at any time.

Golf shoes are not permitted in formal areas. Proper footwear (i.e. shoes, sneakers or sandals) is required in the clubhouse and/or on the patios and terrace. Flip-flops or other similar footwear are only permitted from the valet drop off area to golf, tennis and pool changing rooms.

Formal Club Attire

Men: Jacket and tie with a collared shirt buttoned down the front and dress slacks.

Women: Dress, dressy skirt or dress slacks.

Club Casual Attire

Men: Sport coats with collared shirts and long pants.

Women: Dress, skirt or slacks.

Casual Attire

Men: Jackets not required. Collared shirts (worn tucked in), sweater or sweater vests are required. Collarless shirts are not permitted. Turtle neck shirts or mock turtle neck shirts are permitted if worn under a jacket.

Women: Dress, skirt or slacks.

Golf Attire

Men: Golf shirts with sleeves and collars tucked into pants or Bermuda length shorts. Tank tops, turtleneck shirts, mock turtle neck shirts or other collarless shirts and cargo pants are not permitted during the golf season. Turtle neck and mock turtle neck shirts are permitted on the golf course from November 1st through March 31st. Hats and visors may only be worn in the locker rooms and the outside grounds and must be worn with brims facing forward. Hats and visors may not be worn in any outside dining areas. Golf shoes with metal spikes or sandals with golf spikes are not permitted.

Women: Shirts may be sleeveless with a collar. Shirts without collar must have sleeves. Strapless, halter, or tank tops are not permitted. Golf skirts, culottes, pants or shorts of Bermuda length or longer are generally required. Exceptions to Bermuda length must be in good taste and coordinate with the complete golf outfit. Good judgement is expected and appreciated.

In the Clubhouse

Formal Areas: These areas include the Main Dining Room, Tillinghast Lounge and Peacock Alley.

Informal Areas: These areas include the Main Bar, Champions Grill, Golfers Patio, Overlook, Outdoor Patios, Golfers Turn Bar, Grill, Ryder Cup Bar, President's Room, and upstairs meeting rooms.