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COVID-19 Procedures

We follow the CDC and NJ COVID-19 guidelines and for your reference below is the guidance for contact tracing that is being followed.

  • A close contact is anyone who was within six feet of you for more than 10 minutes at least two days before your positive test if you didn't have any symptoms, or two days before your first symptom appeared.

NJ COVID-19 Information Hub guidance (link).

Check-In Policy

Upon arrival, please drop off your clubs at the bag drop located at valet parking. You are then requested to check in at the men's or women's locker room. Please identify yourself and advise one of our locker room attendants who your member host is for the day.

Arrival and Departure

Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times and should not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to their member host. Guests should leave the club at the same time as the member.

Valet Parking

The Club uses valet parking. Please leave your car in the circular drive with keys in the ignition for our valet attendants. It would be helpful to tell the attendant the license plate number. Please dial the number 4 from the outside telephone to retrieve your car. A $3 gratuity for the valet is recommended.

Dress Code

See complete dress code guidelines via the Attire link.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones and electronic devices are only permitted in certain locations at the Club. You may use such devices within the confines of your vehicle or in the locker rooms or designated areas of the Clubhouse. Cell phone use is not permitted on the golf courses. Please note that electronic devices may not be displayed on your person while you are visiting the Club.


The Ridgewood Country Club has a no-tipping policy that covers all employees, except the Locker Room Attendants and Valet (see above). Caddies are not Club employees.


The Ridgewood Country Club is primarily a walking course and we urge the use of caddies. The Club maintains caddies who know the courses well. For suggested caddie rates, please see the starter and/or a member of the golf professional staff.


Smoking Restrictions Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse, or in outside dining areas.

Lightning Policy

The safety of our employees, members and guests is our paramount concern.
The Lightning Detection and Warning System sounds a CONTINUOUS HI-LO warning signal when there is lightning in the area.  The period of alert is a minimum of 30 minutes but may be longer if lightning remains in the area.  The period of alert will remain in effect until the ALL CLEAR sounds - a CONTINUOUS STEADY TONE.  All members, guests, caddies and employees must leave the golf course and other outdoor areas immediately and seek shelter.  There are no exceptions.