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RCC Scorecard

Center Course

Hole 1

Hole #1 "Big Carry"

Par 4

Stroke 5

The toughest opening hole at Ridgewood, this classic Tillinghast cape hole begins with a sharp dogleg left requiring a strong drive over a pond that begins just in front of the tee. A classic risk/reward scenario is on offer. The farther left one aims, there is more pond to carry but the reward is a shorter second shot. A very aggressive shot to the left must fly over a tree on a peninsula in the hazard. A shot hit too far over the right center of the pond can fly the fairway and enter deep rough or a line of trees. The bailout area to the right side of the pond is known as “chicken flats.” A cross bunker on the right side of the fairway further complicates the approach to a large green that slopes from back-to-front and from right-to-left. Putting requires steady nerves, even for short putts.

Tee Yards
Championship 389
Back 356
Middle 332
Forward 306
Hole 2

Hole #2 "Fingal"

Par 5

Stroke 1

A long par 5 that puts a premium on strength and accuracy, playing 556 yards from the blue tee to a fairway climbing steadily uphill for almost 300 yards, 2 Center is a “three shot hole.” This mighty par 5 requires a strong tee shot and a solid second shot to the left side of the fairway to achieve the best angle. The third shot is played to an elevated, fast green, which slopes sharply from back-to-front and right-to-left. The approach shot requires precision. A bunker beyond the back of the green punishes the overly bold while a false front frustrates the timid. Missing the approach shot to the right side of the green whether in the bunker or the rough creates a major challenge to stop the ball on the glassy, severely sloped green. The New York City skyline is often visible from this green.

Tee Yards
Championship 567
Back 555
Middle 474
Forward 430
Hole 3

Hole #3 "Glade"

Par 4

Stroke 2

A long “downhill-uphill” par 4, this challenging dogleg presents a choice to relatively long hitters. A well-struck drive that hugs the left side of the fairway will go over the hill and result in a much shorter second shot that will likely be played from a severe downhill stance. Drives on the right side of the fairway may result in a level stance on the plateau but a significantly longer shot. A corridor of trees on each side of the fairway demands accuracy. A well-placed fairway bunker short left of the hole is patronized by many free swingers. The raised green sloping from left to right and back to front presents tricky reads. It appears to be flat, but there are big swings and pin locations that make two-putting this enormous surface a tough job.

Tee Yards
Championship 471
Back 436
Middle 385
Forward 348
Hole 4

Hole #4 "Briars"

Par 5

Stroke 3

Known as the “Cemetery” hole, 4 Center is an uphill par 5 and the shortest of the Ridgewood par 5s. The hole places a greater premium on accuracy than length. Tee shots too far to the right meet will be mourned in a neighboring graveyard. Out-of-bounds and the adjacent cemetery run along the entire right side of the hole. A well-played second shot is positioned to the left side of the elevated fairway. Tillinghast’s reward for a good second shot is the option to bounce a shot into the small, very firm green. Those playing from the right side of the fairway must carry a greenside bunker and are challenged to stop their ball in time. Shots played too aggressively from the right side often find a home in the bunker on the left side of the green. Although the green appears to be flat, players are surprised by its subtle breaks and quickness.

Tee Yards
Championship 533
Back 507
Middle 477
Forward 434
Hole 5

Hole #5 "Brook"

Par 3

Stroke 8

A long downhill par 3 with a green that runs away from the shot, the fifth hole is a classic short hole, with a great view from the tee, playing downhill 191 yards from the blue tees to a green surrounded by extensive bunkering. The green slopes away from the tee, so holding this green is difficult, especially with long irons. Shots that don’t hold or reach the putting surface present challenging chip shots, and require a deft touch, especially from the thick rough that surrounds the green. Beware of too much courage when playing to a back pin; one firm bounce can propel the ball out-of bounds!

Tee Yards
Championship 219
Back 194
Middle 150
Forward 138
Hole 6

Hole #6 "Scoonie"

Par 4

Stroke 7

Known as the “Nickel and Dime”, 6 Center is Ridgewood’s shortest par 4. The hole plays only 275 yards from the blue tees but tests the mettle of even the best golfers. The short length of the hole presents a variety of options. The longest hitters can attempt to drive the green. Most players follow a two-shot strategy. Long hitters who play a driver off the tee can over hit the fairway and come to rest in gnarly, thick rough on the upslope to the green. But a poorly struck iron or rescue tee ball can find either of two fairway bunkers or thick rough. The approach shot is very tricky. A short iron shot that must be played accurately (with a soft touch) up to a small and extremely narrow “plateau green” surrounded by six deadly bunkers with those on the left side of the green the most foreboding. Failure to hit to the upper or lower tier where the flag stick is located will result in a challenging two-putt with subtle breaks that seem almost impossible to be real. This hole claims a place on Golf Digest’s “Top 500 Best Holes in the World” and holds a place among the Sports Illustrated “Top 18 Tillinghast Holes.” The Met Golfer also rates it in their “Dream 18.” Modern legend suggests that the “Nickel and Dime” name comes from the strategy Tillinghast anticipated would be employed by the game’s best players. A Nickel (5-iron) to the fairway would be followed by a Dime (10-iron ) to the green.

Tee Yards
Championship 294
Back 277
Middle 265
Forward 186
Hole 7

Hole #7 "Possum"

Par 4

Stroke 6

A wide par 4 with a green that slopes in many directions, this beautiful hole doglegs left around the giant oaks, with an expansive fairway to the right. However, a gaping fairway bunker positioned in play on the right side requires a carry of between 205 and 230 yards from the blue tee, the farther right, the farther the carry. The hole is designed for a downhill approach that lands short and rolls onto a green that slopes severely front-to-back and left-to-right with a ridge running vertically across the green. It is a possible birdie hole, but it can just as easily be a big number if you miss the green on the left.

Tee Yards
Championship 394
Back 388
Middle 382
Forward 324
Hole 8

Hole #8 "Topsy"

Par 3

Stroke 9

A short par 3 surrounded by sand, 8 Center is deceptively difficult. Hit it short, long, left or right and the odds are you will be in one of the deep bunkers that surround the green of this par 3 that plays 125 yards from the blue tee. The green slopes sharply from back-to-front. A shot hit short may spin back off the green; a shot hit long over the green will require a heroic bunker shot to save par. Hit it pin high; otherwise expect a short game adventure.

Tee Yards
Championship 148
Back 124
Middle 116
Forward 95
Hole 9

Hole #9 "Inspiration"

Par 4

Stroke 4

The most creatively challenging finishing hole at Ridgewood, this par 4 offers a wide, sloping left to right fairway for the tee shot. Accuracy is essential as the large overhanging trees that protect the green on both the left and right sides stand ready to swat down approach shots hit their way. The slope of the green back-to-front and left-to-right makes going at the pin very risky. Tillinghast presents a perilous option when attempting to bounce an approach shot on to the green. The severely sloped fairway just short of the green sends many promising shots into a hungry short-right bunker. An approach shot that comes to rest well above the hole presents a perilous downhill two-putt.

Tee Yards
Championship 383
Back 363
Middle 354
Forward 320