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The 27 Ridgewood Golf Holes of A.W. Tillinghast
The Tillinghast layout contains three separate 9 hole courses, East, Center and West, that all begin and end at the clubhouse.

Detailed descriptions of the East, Center and West courses are available below.

The Championship Course, a composite of the more difficult holes from the three original nine hole courses, was developed for the PGA Tour Northern Trust (formerly The Barclays) Tournaments.  A downloadable description of the 18 Championship holes is available from this link: RCC Championship Course Journal


RCC Scorecard

East Course

Hole 1

Hole #1 "Adam"

Par 4

Stroke 7

The most inviting of the opening holes at Ridgewood, a relatively straightforward par 4 playing 348 yards from the blue tees, opens the East nine. The fairway has a relatively generous landing space for tee shots, but misdirection is punished by out of bounds on the left and a pond and trees on the right. There is a cross bunker that stretches across the fairway from the left side about 60 yards from the green. The green is challenging; its big surface is well bunkered and slopes steadily and deceptively uphill from left-to-right.

Tee Yards
Championship 382
Back 352
Middle 327
Forward 292
Hole 2

Hole #2 "Water"

Par 3

Stroke 9

A shot-maker’s par 3, this downhill second hole is played at 161 yards from the blue tees from the back to a green that is protected by bunkers to the left and right side. A narrow band of fairway allows a short tee ball to bounce on to the green. The green slopes back to front and features interesting contours. The two bunkers on the left side are deep and deadly and make it almost impossible to chip close to a pin on the left side of the green.

Tee Yards
Championship 191
Back 163
Middle 147
Forward 135
Hole 3

Hole #3 "Gorilla"

Par 5

Stroke 2

Tillinghast considered par 5s the most difficult holes to design because he did not want even the best players to be able to reach them in two shots. On this hole he succeeded!

As is often the case with Tillinghast, the most efficient route to the hole is the most dangerous. The best drive favors the left side of the fairway, but out of bounds lines the left side the entire length of the hole and the thin rough encourages the ball’s journey into the woods. Hitting to the right side, away from the out of bounds, may be prudent, but excessive prudence will leave the golfer blocked in a line of oaks.

The all-important second shot must be carried over a minefield of mounds running across the fairway. Once again left is better as the reward on the dogleg right is a shot that crosses only fairway to a long up-sloping green protected on three sides by bunkers.

The third shot challenges the golfer to negotiate a false front and find the correct tier on the narrow and deep undulating, multi-tier green. Golfers following the shorter route from the right side of the fairway must fly a series of bunkers and bring their shot to rest on a narrow green. The lightning-fast green can produce profound disappointment even in those fortunate enough to be on in three shots.

Tee Yards
Championship 570
Back 537
Middle 476
Forward 442
Hole 4

Hole #4 "Bog"

Par 4

Stroke 4

A dangerous dogleg left par 4, out-of-bounds runs the length of the hole on the left side. Once again caution encourages a shot played to the right side of the fairway, but trees and deep rough punish balls played too far to the right. A well-positioned drive to the left center of the fairway is important because the green is very difficult to hold on long approach shots. A green side bunker presents an obstacle for those hitting approach shots from the right side of the fairway. A false front and soft landing area short of the green discourages balls from bouncing on.

The work is not completed until you have holed out as hard-to-read speed and breaks make for a very difficult green.

Tee Yards
Championship 445
Back 397
Middle 353
Forward 297
Hole 5

Hole #5 "Knuckle"

Par 4

Stroke 3

Playing 407 yards uphill with a left-to-right slope to a “plateau” green, this par 4 requires a strong uphill tee shot to a generous landing area, with bunkers on each side of the fairway. The second shot is played to a plateau green, surrounded by deep bunkers. A well-placed oak tree front-right of the green swats away shots that fail to fly over it or pass to its left.

Missing the green to the hillside or bunker to the left can produce nasty scores as a sharply sloping left to right green makes it almost impossible to bring chip shots to a halt. The severe back to front slope of the green is in evidence as the first 25 feet of the front of the green are part of a false front. Many a ball has come to a halt for 30 seconds or more only to resume its doleful journey to twenty feet off the front of the green.

This green is very deceiving and stopping a putt near the hole is often greeted with profound relief.

Tee Yards
Championship 444
Back 373
Middle 361
Forward 295
Hole 6

Hole #6 "Cobra"


Par 3

Stroke 8

At 200-plus yards downhill, this par 3 is “as tough as they get.” 6 East calls for a Goldilocks “just right” shot that is played to a back-to-front sloping green, surrounded by bunkers. The shot plays downhill at 204 yards downhill from the blue tees. A well struck shot is needed to avoid the cross bunker on the right and the small pot bunker on the left, and a bit of luck is needed to influence the ball not to run “hot” to the back of the green away from a front pin placement. The result will be a scarily fast, double breaking downhill putt.

Tee Yards
Championship 228
Back 206
Middle 186
Forward 136
Hole 7

Hole #7 "Stockton's Lair"

Par 4

Stroke 1

This incredibly tough par 4 is a challenge form start to finish. From the tee box the fairway is to the right and is guarded on the right side by bunkers. Those aiming left or straight at the green face a double hazard. A tee ball that fails to clear or steer around a tree in the left rough will be knocked down and might come to rest in a bunker in front of the tree.

Uphill, this dogleg left sloping, left-to-right to a “plateau” green, 7 East plays like 5 East, only more difficult. This par 4 plays 467 yards from the back tees. It was the most difficult hole for the professionals at the 2008 and 2010 Barclay events. Both the tee shot and the approach to the green play steadily uphill and fall left-to-right. Be sure to take an extra club for the second shot to account for the uphill slope. The plateau green is protected by deep bunkers on the left and to the right. Players playing long irons for their approach shots need to account for a severe left-to-right swing on a very fast and tricky putting surface. A false front sends promising shops cascading back down the fairway. This par 4 often plays like a “tough” par 5 for the average player.

Tee Yards
Championship 490
Back 430
Middle  354
Forward 311
Hole 8

Hole #8 "Gypsy's Curse"

Par 4

Stroke 6

A little “calm after the storm” and maybe a chance for a birdie, this hole is a subtle par 4. The left is wooded and difficult to recover from and the right side rough is deep. After a good drive one can either fly an iron shot and hope to stop on the firm green or play a shot short left of the green and use the left to right pitch of the fairway to bounce on. But too far or too hard to the left and the ball will feed into a greenside bunker. If the bouncing shot is hit at the center or right side of the green, it will feed into another greenside bunker. A slight rise in the fairway makes judging distance to the flag difficult. The green slopes left-to-right and, unusual for Tillinghast at Ridgewood, from front to back.

Tee Yards
Championship 410
Back 389
Middle 357
Forward 307
Hole 9

Hole #9 "Swimmin' Hole"

Par 4

Stroke 5

A great finishing hole with a direct view of the clubhouse, this is a challenging par 4 that requires an accurate drive with sufficient length to carry past the corner of this slow turning dogleg left to open up a path to the green. The wide entrance to the large, deep, and gently sloping green is protected by four bunkers. The pond on the right can also affect the approach shot and brings the left bunkers into play. This is the largest green of the 27 greens at Ridgewood.

Tee Yards
Championship 380
Back 366
Middle 332
Forward 320